The UEFI Specifications identified below are available for downloading and to read only.  By downloading any of the UEFI Specifications, you acknowledge that no license, express or implied, is granted to you to distribute, additionally reproduce, implement or otherwise use for any purpose (other than to read only) the UEFI Specifications, and that all rights, title and interest in and to the UEFI Specifications, including all intellectual property rights of any type whatsoever, are owned by the UEFI Forum, or subject to rights granted to the UEFI Forum.

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Many people have contributed to the content of UEFI specifications, including the following:

  • ACPI Specification Working Group (ASWG)
  • UEFI Specification Working Group (USWG)
  • PI Specification Working Group (PIWG)
  • Tianocore Community Members
  • Code First submitters to be listed in each specification release


Latest Versions of the UEFI Specifications

ACPI Specification

  • ACPI Specification Version 6.5 (released August 2022)  (PDF)  (HTML)
  • ACPI Specification Version 6.4 Errata A (released August 2022) (PDF) (HTML)
Previous Versions of the ACPI Specification:


UEFI Specification

  • UEFI Specification Version 2.10 (released August 2022) (PDF)  (HTML)
  • UEFI Specification Version 2.9 Errata A (released August 2022) (PDF) (HTML)
Previous Versions of the UEFI Specification:

UEFI Platform Initialization Specification

  • UEFI Platform Initialization Specification Version 1.8 (PDF) (HTML)
Previous Versions of the UEFI PI Specification:
Note: A pop up window/box may appear asking to open or save the UEFI Platform Initialization Specification v1.5 zipped file.  Please select "open."

UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification


Additional Information

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has defined UEFI specifications that contain the requirements for measuring boot events into TPM PCRs and adding boot event entries into the Event Log, and definitions of a standard interface to the TPM on an UEFI platform. The specifications are hosted on the TCG website as: