FW/OS Forum

The FW/OS Forum is a free public forum focused on firmware and operating system (OS) integration. Developers are invited to openly discuss challenges and collaboratively identify fixes.

The UEFI Forum created the FW/OS Forum in response to community input, which called for a centralized resource dedicated to troubleshooting UEFI firmware issues encountered when working with any OS. The UEFI Forum is committed to making these community discussion and feedback mechanisms effective for all users. Considering, you may see changes based on usability enhancements.

FW/OS Forum members are asked to refrain from sharing any non-public information regarding specification or test tool work that is still in development, as well as any company-specific IP or UEFI Forum-specific IP. Additionally, the FW/OS Forum should not be considered a venue for bug tracking. Firmware integration issues raised within the FW/OS Forum will not be considered as formal bug fix requests; however, the information captured may be considered in future specification updates.

Please contact UEFI Administration with any questions.

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