Video Extension DefinitionsΒΆ

Built-in display adapter

This is a graphics chip that is built into the motherboard and cannot be replaced. ACPI information is valid for such built-in devices.

Add-in display adapter

This is a graphics chip or board that can be added to or removed from the computer. Because the platform firmware cannot have specific knowledge of add-in boards, ACPI information is not available for add-in devices.

Boot-up display adapter

This is the display adapter programmed by the platform boot firmware during machine power-on self-test (POST). It is the device upon which the machine will show the initial operating system boot screen, as well as any platform boot firmware messages.

The system can change the boot-up display adapter, and it can switch between the built-in adapter and the add-in adapter.

Display device

This is a synonym for the term display adapter discussed above.

Output device

This is a device, which is a recipient of the output of a display device. For example, a CRT or a TV is an output device.