ACPI Extensions for Display Adapters: IntroductionΒΆ

This section of the document describes a number of specialized ACPI methods to support motherboard graphics devices.

In many cases, system manufacturers need to add special support to handle multiple output devices such as panels and TV-out capabilities, as well as special power management features. This is particularly true for notebook manufacturers. The methods described here have been designed to enable interaction between the platform firmware, video driver, and OS to smoothly support these features.

Systems containing a built-in display adapter are required to implement the ACPI Extensions for Display Adapters.

Table B-1: Video Extension Object Requirements





Enable/Disable output switching

Required if system supports display switching or LCD brightness levels


Enumerate all devices attached to display adapter

Required if integrated controller supports output switching


Get ROM Data

Required if ROM image is stored in proprietary format


Get POST Device

Required if _VPO is implemented


Set POST Device

Required if _VPO is implemented


Video POST Options

Required if system supports changing post VGA device


Return the unique ID for this device



Query list of brightness control levels supported

Required if embedded LCD supports brightness control


Set the brightness level

Required if _BCL is implemented


Return the EDID for this device

Required if embedded LCD does not support return of EDID via standard interface


Return status of output device

Required if the system supports display switching (via hotkey)


Query graphics state

Required if the system supports display switching (via hotkey


Device state set

Required if the system supports display switching (via hotkey).