12.8. Embedded Controller Description Information¶

Certain aspects of the embedded controller’s operation have OEM-definable values associated with them. The following is a list of values that are defined in the software layers of the ACPI specification:

  • Status flag indicating whether the interface requires the use of the Global Lock.

  • Bit position of embedded controller interrupt in general-purpose status register.

  • Decode address for command/status register.

  • Decode address for data register.

  • Base address and query value of any EC-SMBus controller.

For implementation details of the above information, see Defining an Embedded Controller Device in ACPI Namespace and Defining an EC SMBus Host Controller in ACPI Namespace.

An embedded controller will require the inclusion of the GLK method in its ACPI namespace if potentially contentious accesses to device resources are performed by non-OS code. See _GLK (Global Lock) for details about the _GLK method.