UEFI Press Releases

The Unified EFI Forum, a non-profit, collaborative, specification organization formed to define, promote and manage the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface announces the ratification, publication and immediate availability of four new items: UEFI Specification v2.3, UEFI Platform Initialization Specifications v1.2, UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification v1.0, and The Self Certification Test (SCT) for the UEFI Specification, v2.1.

The Unified EFI Forum, Inc., the group responsible for developing, managing and promoting the UEFI Specification is pleased to call your attention to a listing of announcements, events and activities related to the adoption of UEFI and its associated specifications in the PC industry.

The First UEFI/Framework seminar in the Education Community has been successfully co‐hosted by Intel and Shanghai JiaoTong University, for the purpose of promoting the UEFI/Framework technology in the Education Community. In attendance were 37 backbone teachers of computer science related subjects, coming from 15 famous universities in China, including Fudan University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, Beijing JiaoTong University, ShanDong University, and South China University of Technology. The speakers were experienced UEFI/Framework engineers from the Platform Software Infrastructure Department of Intel Asia Pacific Research & Development Ltd.

UEFI Adoption Passes Tipping Point; Many Vendors Will Begin Shipping UEFI-Compliant Products Incorporating UEFI’s Modern Methods for Booting an Operating System and Managing Pre-Boot Applications in 2008.

Two Leading Technology Standards Bodies Form Alliance to Address Platform Inventory and Configuration Management Requirements

UEFI Systems Tested at Windows Server "Longhorn" Plugfest on April 2-5, 2007 at Microsoft in Redmond Indicate the Industry is Quickly Adopting UEFI Technology


These Latest UEFI Forum Developments Highlight the Fast-Growing, Industry-Wide Acceptance of UEFI’s Modern Methods for Booting an Operating System and Managing Pre-Boot Applications.

The Unified EFI Forum, Inc., a non-profit Washington Corporation, has approved its first specification for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. The new specification, named UEFI 2.0, supplants the EFI 1.10 specification originally published by Intel Corporation. EFI is already supported by a number of operating systems and platforms, and UEFI is now expected to emerge as the pre-boot interface for next-generation operating systems.

Leading technology companies have formed the Unified EFI Forum, Inc., a non-profit Washington corporation.