The First UEFI/Framework Seed in Education Starts in China

China, Shanghai - The First UEFI/Framework seminar in the Education Community has been successfully co‐hosted by Intel and Shanghai JiaoTong University, for the purpose of promoting the UEFI/Framework technology in the Education Community. In attendance were 37 backbone teachers of computer science related subjects, coming from 15 famous universities in China, including Fudan University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, Beijing JiaoTong University, ShanDong University, and South China University of Technology. The speakers were experienced UEFI/Framework engineers from the Platform Software Infrastructure Department of Intel Asia Pacific Research & Development Ltd.
During the four day UEFI training seminar, attending teachers were provided materials designed to introduce and develop understanding of the UEFI/Framework technology. The contents of this UEFI/Framework training covered: specification explanation, application analysis and development, simulation and real platform experience. The materials were highly regarded by the attending teachers and it is known that some of them will be developing an UEFI/Framework textbook and curriculum for their colleges. The high quality contents offered in these training sessions provided them with a good start for preparing their UEFI/Framework classes.
This UEFI/Framework seminar was the first this kind of successful collaboration between Intel and Shanghai JiaoTong University. It is also the first successful step in China Education as well as Global Education, for promoting the UEFI/Framework technology.
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