UEFI Forum Gains Key Industry Support, Publishes Security Solutions White Paper

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum Gains Significant Momentum as Member Support and Spec Applicability Increase 
Beaverton, Ore. – The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum, a non-profit industry standards body that creates specifications that enable the evolution of platform technologies, today announced the addition of new member companies Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Novell, Inc. and The Linux Foundation. These new member companies bring the membership to 250, demonstrating continued and increasing adoption and acceptance of the Forum and its standards.
“The global cyber-security threat requires multiple organizations to work together,” said Kangkang Shen, chief architect, Huawei. “Standards organizations like the UEFI Forum play a key role in reaching consensus on what these standards should be; Huawei is pleased to join the Forum and will aim to make a full contribution to its important work.”
Further illustrating the UEFI’s momentum toward streamlining firmware innovation in the ever-changing open-source, mobile, PC and non-PC markets, the Forum published a white paper in September, “UEFI Secure Boot in Modern Computer Security Solutions.” The paper covers the history of UEFI specifications, the advent of attacks on mobile devices, the application of UEFI Secure Boot as an optional feature and the role of UEFI specifications in addressing the increasing complexity of rootkit and bootkit attacks.
“This year marks important milestones for UEFI technology: Additional collaboration with the open-source community and the publication of a white paper that helps readers appreciate the role of UEFI Secure Boot in the changing landscape of computer security,” said Mark Doran, president, UEFI Forum. “We look forward to continued growth of next-generation technology through industry support and adoption.”
About UEFI Forum
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum is a world-class non-profit industry standards body that works in partnership to enable the evolution of platform technologies. The UEFI Forum champions firmware innovation through industry collaboration and the advocacy of a standardized interface that simplifies and secures platform initialization and firmware boot strap operations. Both developed and supported by representatives from industry-leading technology companies, UEFI specifications promote business and technological efficiency, improve performance and security, facilitate interoperability between devices, platforms and systems, and comply with next-generation technologies. To learn more about the UEFI Forum, visit UEFI.org.
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