Understanding UEFI Testing Webinar

Event Date
Wednesday, January 29 at 9:00 am PT

The expert panel for the webinar, “Understanding UEFI Testing” will include:

  • Moderator: Brian Richardson 
  • Panelists:
    • Dong Wei, UEFI Vice President and UEFI Test Work Group Chair
    • Alex Hung, Canonical
    • Supreeth Venkatesh, Arm

The panelists will discuss how to prepare products for upcoming UEFI Forum Plugfests. The presentation will include an overview of the UEFI Test Work Group (UTWG), the Firmware Test Suite (FWTS), the UEFI Self Certification Test and more. The webinar is open to the public and attendees will get the chance to participate in a live Q&A session.

Registration for this free, one-hour webcast is now open: Register today.

Event Location
GoToWebinar - http://bit.ly/2tRtyZt
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