UEFI Forum Publishes White Paper to Address the Ten Most Common Misconceptions About UEFI Technology

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum demystifies prevalent misconceptions about UEFI technology in new industry white paper Β Β 

Beaverton, Ore. – Apr. 29, 2014 – The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum, a world-class, nonprofit industry standards body that promotes firmware innovation by creating specifications to enable the continual evolution of platform technologies, today announced the publication of a new industry white paper, β€œClarifying the Ten Most Common Misconceptions About UEFI.” The paper outlines the primary benefits UEFI technology offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), enterprise consumers and end-users, as well as examines common misrepresentations of the technology.

Topics covered in the paper range from device compatibility to boot speed, signing keys and security. The paper also highlights UEFI security features, architectural detail and existing open source implementations, while providing insight for the end user about ecosystem applications, vendor compatibility and other key aspects of UEFI technology. Β 

β€œSeveral of the misconceptions outlined in this paper illustrate the belief that the UEFI Forum intentionally restricts certain end-user groups,” said Michael Krau, UEFI Forum Industry Communications Work Group chair. β€œThe architecture-agnostic UEFI standard streamlines the pre-OS boot experience for the end user. This paper aims to clarify the most common misconceptions about UEFI, while reinforcing the Forum’s mission to standardize the booting process, promote interoperability and encourage user choice.”

About UEFI Forum

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum is a world-class non-profit industry standards body that works in partnership to enable the evolution of platform technologies. The UEFI Forum champions firmware innovation through industry collaboration and the advocacy of a standardized interface that simplifies and secures platform initialization and firmware bootstrap operations. Both developed and supported by representatives from industry-leading technology companies, UEFI specifications promote business and technological efficiency, improve performance and security, facilitate interoperability between devices, platforms and systems, and comply with next-generation technologies. To learn more about the UEFI Forum, visit www.uefi.org.

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