Links to ACPI-related Documents

The Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification was developed to establish industry common interfaces enabling robust operating system (OS) directed motherboard device configuration and power management of both devices and entire systems. ACPI is the key element in OS-directed configuration and Power Management (OSPM).

The ACPI specification contains some external references links from other websites that could change on occasion. To help manage the external reference links in the specifications, a master list has been created below. If a link changes, the updated link will be provided in the list below. This change will take place in lieu of creating a new version of the ACPI specification to fix dead links. 

_DSD (Device Specific Data) Implementation Guide, v1.1 DSD 8/6/2015
_STA Override Table STAO 4/13/2015
ACPI Component Architecture Implementation (Generic OSPM source code) 12/6/2011
ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) - User Guide and Programmer Reference (PDF and DOC)

ACPI_DSD Device Property Registry _DSD 11/17/2014
ACPI_DSD Device Property Registry Instructions _DSD 11/17/2014
ACPI Low Power Idle Table LPIT 7/2/2014
Advanced Power Management 12/6/2011
ARM Architecture 6/9/2014
ARM FFH Specification 5/7/2015
ARM Power State Coordination Interface (PSCI) Specification 6/9/2014
Core System Resources Table CSRT 4/26/2017
Debug Port Table DBGP 3/11/2014
Debug Port Table 2 DBG2 3/11/2014
DMA Remapping Table DMAR 8/1/2013
iASL: ACPI Source Language Optimizing Compiler and Disassembler- User Guide (PDF and DOC)

IA-PC High Precision Event Timer Table HPET 3/14/2014
Intel Architecture Specifications 12/6/2011
I/O Remapping Table IORT 5/7/2015
I/O Virtualization Reporting Structure IVRS 3/17/2016
iSCSI Boot Firmware Table IBFT 12/6/2011
Legacy PNP Guidelines 12/6/2011
Management Controller Host Interface Table MCHI 12/6/2011
Microsoft Software Licensing Tables MSDM, SLIC 12/16/2011
Multiprocessor Startup for ARM Platforms Startup for ARM platforms.docx 12/6/2011
PCI SIG MCFG 12/6/2011
Plug and Play BIOS Specification 12/6/2011
SATA Specification 12/6/2011
Serial Port Console Redirection Table SPCR 3/11/2014
Server Platform Management Interface Table SPMI 3/14/2014
Simple Boot Flag Table BOOT 12/6/2011
Smart Battery System Components and SMBus Specification 12/6/2011
Trusted Platform Module 2 Table TPM2 12/16/2011
Trusted Computing Group DRTM Architecture Specification DRTM

Trusted Computing Platform Alliance Capabilities Table TCPA 12/6/2011
Types of Bitmaps 12/6/2011
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Specification UEFI 12/6/2011
Universal Serial Bus Power Management 12/6/2011
Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) UUID 3/14/2014
Watchdog Action Table (WDAT) WDAT 12/6/2011
Watchdog Timer Resource Table WDRT 12/6/2011
Windows ACPI Emulated Devices Table WAET 12/6/2011
Windows Platform Binary Table WPBT 12/16/2011
Xen Project Table XENV 4/13/2015