PNP ID Registry

Companysort ascending PNP ID Approved on Date
Acroloop Motion Control Systems Inc ACM 03/26/1998
Acrolink Inc ALK 03/12/1997
Acon CAL 11/29/1996
Acnhor Datacomm ADC 11/29/1996
Acksys ACK 11/29/1996
Acer Technologies ACR 11/29/1996
Acer Netxus Inc ANX 11/29/1996
Acer Labs ALI 11/29/1996
Acer Inc CHE 11/29/1996
Ace CAD Enterprise Company Ltd ANT 11/29/1996
AccuScene Corporation Ltd ASL 06/13/2007
Acculogic ACU 11/29/1996
Accton Technology Corporation ACC 11/29/1996
Acco UK Ltd. PKA 05/12/2003
Access Works Comm Inc AWC 11/29/1996
ACC Microelectronics WTC 11/29/1996
AboCom System Inc. ABC 03/28/1997
Ably-Tech Corporation ATC 11/29/1996
Abeam Tech Ltd. MEG 11/29/1996
ABBAHOME INC. ABA 11/08/1999
Abaco Systems, Inc. GEH 09/03/2010
Abaco Systems, Inc. ABS 04/27/2016
Aava Mobile Oy AAM 08/13/2013
Aashima Technology B.V. TRU 05/08/1998
AAEON Technology Inc. AAN 09/01/2016
A/Vaux Electronics AVX 08/29/2012
A+V Link APV 01/27/2010
A&R Cambridge Ltd. ACG 06/13/2007
A Plus Info Corporation API 11/29/1996
A D S Exports NGS 07/16/1998
3NOD Digital Technology Co. Ltd. NOD 12/11/2014
3M VSD 10/16/1998
3D Perception TDP 05/16/2002
3Com Corporation TCM 11/29/1996
2-Tel B.V TTL 03/20/1999
Dixon Technologies (India) Limited DXN 07/31/2023


Last updated 10/24/2019

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