PNP ID Registry

Companysort descending PNP ID Approved on Date
FARO Technologies FRO 09/21/2012
Faroudja Laboratories FLI 06/02/2004
Fast Multimedia AG FMA 11/29/1996
FastPoint Technologies, Inc. FTI 06/21/2001
Feature Integration Technology Inc. FIT 08/11/2009
Fellowes & Questec FEL 11/29/1996
Fellowes, Inc. FMI 07/05/2001
Fen Systems Ltd. FEN 05/04/2010
Ferranti Int'L FER 11/29/1996
Ferrari Electronic GmbH TLA 12/04/1996
FHLP FHL 11/29/1996
Fibernet Research Inc FRI 11/29/1996
Findex, Inc. FDX 10/22/2019
Finecom Co., Ltd. FIN 11/27/1998
Fingerprint Cards AB FPC 06/14/2013
First Industrial Computer Inc PCG 11/29/1996
First International Computer Inc LEO 09/19/1997
First International Computer Ltd FCG 04/10/1997
First Virtual Corporation FVC 11/29/1996
Flat Connections Inc FWR 11/29/1996
FlightSafety International SSD 08/10/2000
FLY-IT Simulators FIS 09/08/1997
FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd. FTS 07/23/2013
Focus Enhancements, Inc. FCS 12/12/2002
Fokus Technologies GmbH FOK 10/22/2013
FOR-A Company Limited FOA 12/06/2008
Force Computers FRC 11/29/1996
Ford Microelectronics Inc FMC 03/11/1997
Fore Systems Inc FSI 11/29/1996
Forefront Int'l Ltd FIL 11/29/1996
Formosa Industrial Computing Inc FIC 11/29/1996
Formoza-Altair FMZ 04/25/2003
Forth Dimension Displays Ltd FDD 07/07/2015
Forvus Research Inc FRE 04/24/1997
Foss Tecator FOS 10/22/1997
Founder Group Shenzhen Co. FZC 11/08/1999
Fountain Technologies Inc FTN 11/29/1996
FOVE INC FOV 07/01/2016
Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute HHI 07/27/2012
Freedom Scientific BLV FRD 06/15/2007
FREEMARS Heavy Industries TCX 03/15/2001
Frontline Test Equipment Inc. FTE 01/20/1999
FTG Data Systems FTG 11/29/1996
Fuji Xerox FXX 11/29/1996
FUJIFILM Corporation FFC 08/22/2011
Fujitsu Display Technologies Corp. FDT 10/23/2002
Fujitsu General Limited. FGL 02/21/2000
Fujitsu Ltd FUJ 11/29/1996
Fujitsu Microelect Ltd FML 11/29/1996
Fujitsu Peripherals Ltd FPE 08/19/1997
Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH FUS 01/13/2000
Fujitsu Spain FJS 11/29/1996
Fujitsu Takamisawa Component Limited FJC 05/16/1999
Fun Technology Innovation INC. FUL 06/10/2021
Funai Electric Co., Ltd. FNI 01/18/2005
Furukawa Electric Company Ltd FCB 11/29/1996
Future Designs, Inc. FDI 09/29/2014
Future Domain FDC 11/29/1996
Future Systems Consulting KK FSC 11/29/1996
Futuretouch Corporation FTC 11/29/1996
FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI 08/12/1997
G&W Instruments GmbH SPH 02/25/2002
G-Tech Corporation GTK 11/29/1996
G. Diehl ISDN GmbH GDI 11/29/1996
G.VISION GVS 06/17/2022
G2TOUCH KOREA GGT 05/25/2017
Gadget Labs LLC GLS 11/29/1996
Gage Applied Sciences Inc GAG 11/29/1996
GAI-Tronics, A Hubbell Company HUB 03/26/2009
Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. GXL 06/17/2022
Galil Motion Control GAL 11/29/1996
Garmin International GRM 12/09/2011
Garnet System Company Ltd GTM 11/29/1996
Gateway 2000 GWY 11/29/1996
Gateway Comm. Inc GCI 11/29/1996
Gateworks Corporation GWK 07/31/2013
Gaudi Co., Ltd. GAU 03/31/2003
GCC Technologies Inc GCC 06/05/1997
GDS GDS 06/23/2004
GE Fanuc Embedded Systems GEF 06/14/2007
Gechic Corporation GEC 01/04/2016
Gefen Inc. GFN 10/11/2007
Gem Plus GEM 02/27/1998
GEMINI 2000 Ltd GMN 10/23/2000
General Datacom GDC 11/29/1996
General Dynamics C4 Systems GED 01/09/2013
General Information Systems GML 01/13/2000
General Inst. Corporation GIC 11/29/1996
General Standards Corporation GSC 07/16/1998
General Touch Technology Co., Ltd. GTT 11/21/2002
Genesys ATE Inc GEN 11/29/1996
Genesys Logic GLM 11/08/1999
Gennum Corporation GND 09/05/2006
GEO Sense GEO 11/29/1996
Geotest Marvin Test Systems Inc GTS 02/24/1998
GERMANEERS GmbH GER 12/20/2011
GES Singapore Pte Ltd GES 03/15/2001
Getac Technology Corporation GET 05/11/2010


Last updated 10/24/2019

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