PNP ID Registry

Company PNP ID Approved on Datesort ascending
Merging Technologies MRT 11/29/1996
Trident Microsystem Inc TRD 11/29/1996
New Tech Int'l Company NTI 11/29/1996
DTC Tech Corporation DTC 11/29/1996
Siemens Nixdorf Info Systems SNP 11/29/1996
Tekram Technology Company Ltd TRM 11/29/1996
IMC Networks IMC 11/29/1996
Design Technology LPI 11/29/1996
Sanyo Electric Company Ltd SCD 11/29/1996
Xitel Pty ltd XIT 11/29/1996
Pacific CommWare Inc PCW 11/29/1996
Cisco Systems Inc CIS 11/29/1996
Nixdorf Company NCA 11/29/1996
Eclipse Tech Inc ETI 11/29/1996
Madge Networks MDG 11/29/1996
Schneider Electric S.A. MGE 11/29/1996
Ahead Systems ASI 11/29/1996
Relia Technologies RTC 11/29/1996
ISS Inc ISS 11/29/1996
Parallax Graphics PLX 11/29/1996
UFO Systems Inc UFO 11/29/1996
Smart Tech Inc STI 11/29/1996
Mylex Corporation MLX 11/29/1996
Seiko Instruments USA Inc SIU 11/29/1996
Hualon Microelectric Corporation HMC 11/29/1996
Danka Data Devices DDD 11/29/1996
Wacom Tech WAC 11/29/1996
InnoMedia Inc INM 11/29/1996
Storm Technology EZP 10/17/1996
Boeckeler Instruments Inc BII 10/17/1996
Logic Ltd LGC 04/02/1994
Carrera Computer Inc JAZ 01/01/1994
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD CGA 01/01/1994
eMicro Corporation EMC 01/01/1994
Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. HEC 01/01/1994
PanaScope PNS 01/01/1994
SpinCore Technologies, Inc SPC 01/01/1994


Last updated 10/24/2019

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