PNP ID Registry

Company PNP ID Approved on Datesort ascending
Feature Integration Technology Inc. FIT 08/11/2009
HannStar Display Corp HSD 08/11/2009
HannStar Display Corp HSP 08/11/2009
Mentor Graphics Corporation MGC 07/30/2009
Takahata Electronics Co.,Ltd. KTD 07/22/2009
Nakano Engineering Co.,Ltd. NAK 07/22/2009
Prime view international Co., Ltd PVI 07/06/2009
Pixel Qi PQI 06/24/2009
Elbit Systems of America ESA 06/15/2009
Carl Zeiss AG CZE 06/03/2009
Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd HCE 05/15/2009
Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH SLS 05/06/2009
VDC Display Systems VDC 04/29/2009
Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) DMT 03/31/2009
Dell Inc DLL 03/27/2009
GAI-Tronics, A Hubbell Company HUB 03/26/2009
DELTATEC DTA 03/13/2009
Nationz Technologies Inc. ZIC 03/12/2009
Silex technology, Inc. SXD 03/12/2009
EIZO GmbH Display Technologies EGD 02/13/2009
Microvision MVS 02/13/2009
Exterity Ltd EXY 02/12/2009
Victor Company of Japan, Limited VCJ 02/06/2009
Meridian Audio Ltd MAL 02/04/2009
StreamPlay Ltd STP 02/04/2009
Lightware Visual Engineering LWR 02/04/2009
Media Technologies Ltd. MTB 01/05/2009
FOR-A Company Limited FOA 12/06/2008
Hynix Semiconductor HYV 11/29/2008
Software Technologies Group,Inc. SWT 11/29/2008
Chyron Corp CGS 11/13/2008
Silicon Library Inc. SLH 11/01/2008
Enciris Technologies ECI 11/01/2008
Enciris Technologies ECT 11/01/2008
AlphaView LCD ALV 11/01/2008
Portalis LC POR 11/01/2008
Capstone Visua lProduct Development DJE 10/09/2008
Nuvoton Technology Corporation NTN 10/09/2008
UNIGRAF-USA UFG 10/09/2008
Blonder Tongue Labs, Inc. BDR 09/16/2008
DO NOT USE - AUO AUO 09/16/2008
Bloomberg L.P. BLP 09/16/2008
DO NOT USE - LPL LPL 09/16/2008
TV One Ltd TVO 09/02/2008
Ceronix CER 09/02/2008
SVSI SVS 08/09/2008
Cambridge Audio CAM 08/09/2008
AMX LLC AMX 07/06/2008
RGB Systems, Inc. dba Extron Electronics EXN 07/06/2008
Mtron Storage Technology Co., Ltd. MTN 06/17/2008
TVS Electronics Limited TVS 05/20/2008
Eugene Chukhlomin Sole Proprietorship, d.b.a. ECK 05/03/2008
Hexium Ltd. HXM 04/15/2008
byd:sign corporation BYD 04/10/2008
Umezawa Giken Co.,Ltd UMG 04/10/2008
Micomsoft Co., Ltd. MSX 04/10/2008
BodySound Technologies, Inc. BST 03/12/2008
KOWA Company,LTD. KOW 03/12/2008
Boulder Nonlinear Systems BNS 03/12/2008
Phoenix Contact PXC 02/27/2008
Kenwood Corporation KWD 02/22/2008
dPict Imaging, Inc. DIM 02/12/2008
TDVision Systems, Inc. TDV 01/18/2008
GMK Electronic Design GmbH GMK 01/18/2008
ZeeVee, Inc. ZAZ 01/18/2008
TouchSystems TSY 01/18/2008
Wooyoung Image & Information Co.,Ltd. WYT 01/18/2008
Robust Electronics GmbH ROB 01/18/2008
Momentum Data Systems MOM 01/18/2008
Intellix Corp. SVC 01/18/2008
McIntosh Laboratory Inc. MLI 01/18/2008
Intrada-SDD Ltd SDD 11/21/2007
Haivision Systems Inc. HAI 11/15/2007
LTS Scale LLC LTS 11/15/2007
Real D REA 11/15/2007
AJA Video Systems, Inc. AJA 10/11/2007
Element Labs, Inc. ELT 10/11/2007
Teradici TDC 10/11/2007
Gefen Inc. GFN 10/11/2007
Linear Systems Ltd. LNR 10/11/2007
NU Inc. NUI 08/29/2007
Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH KEM 08/29/2007
H.P.R. Electronics GmbH HPR 08/29/2007
Xilinx, Inc. XLX 08/01/2007
Prism, LLC PIM 07/24/2007
Rivulet Communications RIV 07/19/2007
Mainpine Limited MPN 06/30/2007
Norcent Technology, Inc. NCE 06/20/2007
Freedom Scientific BLV FRD 06/15/2007
E.E.P.D. GmbH EEP 06/14/2007
MindTech Display Co. Ltd MTD 06/14/2007
Saab Aerotech SAE 06/14/2007
ZT Group Int'l Inc. ZTM 06/14/2007
Raritan, Inc. RAR 06/14/2007
Grass Valley Germany GmbH TGV 06/14/2007


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