PNP ID Registry

Company PNP ID Approved on Datesort ascending
Millennium Engineering Inc MLM 11/29/1996
Madge Networks MDG 11/29/1996
Hypertec Pty Ltd HYR 11/29/1996
Roland Corporation RJA 11/29/1996
Pitney Bowes PBI 11/29/1996
Axxon Computer Corporation AXX 11/29/1996
Quantum QTM 11/29/1996
OPTi Inc OPT 11/29/1996
Applied Memory Tech APM 11/29/1996
ISS Inc ISS 11/29/1996
Digitan Systems Inc DSI 11/29/1996
Network Designers NDL 11/29/1996
Spectragraphics Corporation SGC 11/29/1996
Mitec Inc MII 11/29/1996
SAIT-Devlonics SDK 11/29/1996
GW Instruments GWI 11/29/1996
Yokogawa Electric Corporation YHQ 11/29/1996
Fujitsu Microelect Ltd FML 11/29/1996
Storm Technology EZP 10/17/1996
Boeckeler Instruments Inc BII 10/17/1996
Logic Ltd LGC 04/02/1994
Carrera Computer Inc JAZ 01/01/1994
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD CGA 01/01/1994
eMicro Corporation EMC 01/01/1994
Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. HEC 01/01/1994
PanaScope PNS 01/01/1994
SpinCore Technologies, Inc SPC 01/01/1994


Last updated 10/24/2019

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