PNP ID Registry

Companysort descending PNP ID Approved on Date
Ask A/S ASK 11/29/1996
Askey Computer Corporation DYN 07/22/1997
Askey Computer Corporation AKY 04/02/1997
ASP Microelectronics Ltd ASP 11/29/1996
Aspen Tech Inc ACP 11/29/1996
AST Research Inc AST 11/29/1996
Astec Inc JAC 11/29/1996
ASTRA Security Products Ltd ADL 07/30/1997
Astro HQ LLC AHQ 09/05/2018
Asuscom Network Inc ASU 11/29/1996
AT&T ATT 11/29/1996
AT&T Global Info Solutions GIS 11/29/1996
AT&T Microelectronics HSM 11/29/1996
AT&T Microelectronics TME 11/29/1996
AT&T Paradyne PDN 11/29/1996
Atelier Vision Corporation AVJ 02/24/2015
Athena Informatica S.R.L. ATH 01/29/1997
Athena Smartcard Solutions Ltd. ATN 09/13/1999
Athenix Corporation ATX 11/29/1996
ATI Tech Inc BUJ 11/29/1996
Atlantis CFG 11/29/1996
ATM Ltd ATM 11/29/1996
Atom Komplex Prylad AKP 10/23/2000
Attachmate Corporation AMC 11/29/1996
Attero Tech, LLC FWA 04/20/2010
Audio Processing Technology Ltd APT 03/18/1997
AudioControl AUD 12/31/2021
AudioScience ASX 11/29/1996
August Home, Inc. AUG 06/11/2014
Auravision Corporation AVC 11/29/1996
Aureal Semiconductor AUR 11/29/1996
Autologic Inc APS 11/29/1996
automated computer control systems CLT 09/13/1999
Autotime Corporation AUT 10/08/2001
Auvidea GmbH AUV 04/21/2014
Avalue Technology Inc. AVL 11/18/2011
Avance Logic Inc ALS 11/29/1996
AVARRO RRO 08/07/2023
Avatron Software Inc. AVS 08/23/2017
Avaya Communication AVA 03/15/2001
Avegant Corporation AVG 12/02/2015
Avencall AEN 01/27/2012
AVer Information Inc. AVR 05/07/2010
Avid Electronics Corporation AVD 11/29/1996
aviica VAV 06/01/2021
AVM GmbH AVM 11/29/1996
Avocent Corporation AVO 10/23/2000
Avocor Technologies USA, Inc ATU 06/07/2023
Avolites Ltd AAA 02/17/2012
Avtek (Electronics) Pty Ltd AVT 11/29/1996
AWETA BV ACD 01/20/1998
Axel AXL 11/29/1996
Axell Corporation AXE 08/03/2016
AXIOMTEK CO., LTD. AXC 05/02/2005
Axonic Labs LLC AXO 06/21/2012
Axtend Technologies Inc AXT 12/01/1997
Axxon Computer Corporation AXX 11/29/1996
AXYZ Automation Services, Inc AXY 08/11/1998
Aydin Displays AYD 06/13/2007
AZ Middelheim - Radiotherapy AZM 11/14/2003
Aztech Systems Ltd AZT 11/29/1996
B&Bh BBH 01/17/2003
B&R Industrial Automation GmbH BUR 11/29/1996
B.& V. s.r.l. SMR 03/21/1997
B.F. Engineering Corporation BFE 11/29/1996
B.U.G., Inc. BUG 08/30/2011
Bang & Olufsen BNO 05/16/2003
Banksia Tech Pty Ltd BNK 11/29/1996
Banyan BAN 11/29/1996
BARC BRC 08/10/2000
Barco Display Systems BDS 09/13/1999
Barco GmbH BCD 03/07/2011
Barco Graphics N.V BGB 11/29/1996
Barco, N.V. BPS 09/12/2000
Barco, N.V. DDS 10/23/2000
Baug & Olufsen BEO 11/29/1996
Beaver Computer Corporaton BCC 11/29/1996
Beck GmbH & Co. Elektronik Bauelemente KG BCK 10/20/2022
Beckhoff Automation BEC 04/25/2002
Beckworth Enterprises Inc BEI 07/16/1997
Beihai Century Joint Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd LHC 09/10/2019
Beijing Aerospace Golden Card Electronic Engineering Co.,Ltd. AGC 06/21/2001
Beijing AnHeng SecoTech Information Technology Co., Ltd. AHS 03/24/2015
Beijing ANTVR Technology Co., Ltd. ANV 08/24/2015
Beijing Guochengwantong Information Technology Co., Ltd. STV 09/21/2021
Beijing Northern Radiantelecom Co. NRT 03/20/1999
Beko Elektronik A.S. BEK 06/15/2005
Beltronic Industrieelektronik GmbH BEL 09/05/2006
Benson Medical Instruments Company BMI 12/04/1996
Best Buy INZ 06/04/2004
Best Buy VPR 05/16/2002
Best Power BPU 11/29/1996
Biamp Systems Corporation BIA 05/14/2015
BICC Data Networks Ltd ICC 11/29/1996
Big Island Communications BIC 05/13/1997
Bigscreen, Inc. BIG 09/23/2022
Billion Electric Company Ltd BIL 12/11/1996


Last updated 10/24/2019

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