Establishing the Root of Trust
UEFI Forum white paper explaining how a hardware-based root of trust can help ensure system security in the pre-OS phase.
The Chain of Trust: Keeping Computing Systems More Secure
UEFI Forum white paper explaining the Chain of Trust and its role in keeping computing systems secure
UEFI Forum industry white paper demystifies prevalent misconceptions about UEFI technology. 
UEFI Forum published whitepaper that outlines the:
  • History and emergence of UEFI specifications
  • Advent of attacks on mobile devices
  • Application of UEFI Secure Boot as an optional feature
  • Role of UEFI specs in addressing rootkit and bootkit attacks
UEFI and the UEFI Forum Datasheet
Describes the limitation of Master Boot Record (MBR) Partition on systems with disk drives of greater than 2.2 Terabyte capacity and the UEFI solution for this limitation.
Compares the evolutions of the boot firmware technology and networking solutions.
UEFI Industry Communications Working Group Paper
Introduction to UEFI on Dell Business Client Platforms
Whitepaper outlining the basics of UEFI on Dell systems
UEFI Today: Bootstrapping the Continuum
Intel Technology Journal, Volume 15, Issue 1 focused on UEFI and the impact the technology has had on platform engineering. The content architects for this edition are Vincent Zimmer and Michael Rothman.